Do you only repair brands listed on your page?

No, we specialize in those brands but our team has experience with most of the leading brands in the industry. However if your fixture is in warranty we highly suggest you go to your previous supplier so you can have the warranty conditions honored e.g. free parts and/or labor (condition based).

Can you get other brands?

Yes, We are still competitive with other brands but the brands listed are one’s that we have reseller rights to and as such can provide a much better price for.

Can you hard wire out distros and dimmers?

Yes, we have contractors we operate with who are licensed electricians with experience in the entertainment lighting space.

How long have you been around?

Custom Entertainment Solutions was established in 2018, our staff both full time and casual range from 5-15 years industry experience.

Do you sell LED fixtures?

Yes we specialize in LED fixtures as they are environmentally more friendly and readily available than Arc Lamps.

How much power do I need to run a lighting system?

That’s a how long is a piece of string type question, it could be as little as using a 10 Amp GPO that you find in your house to needing 400 amp 3 phase mains. We will happily discuss what you’re looking at using and helping you calculate the power draw.

Do you do board level repairs?

Yes where practical, based on cost per hour some times it’s far more financially viable to just swap the part for a new one. This comes down to board repair time vs board replacement cost.

Do you offer warranty Repairs?

Yes, all of our products come with manufacturer warranties. If it’s a custom item we helped design and build it will come with a parts and labor warranty period as well.

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